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About Us

New Mexico is often called “the land of enchantment.” For more than a century, it has been a cultural crossroads and a pilgrimage-like destination for inspiration-seekers and roadtrippers. Interstate travel has usurped the touring once experienced via Route 66; now fewer people drive the backroads or stop to explore.

Lost Highways is a series of static, large-scale sculptures and interactive installations organized by Lance Ryan McGoldrick to feature a range of artists. Situated along secondary roads in New Mexico and viewed via road trip, Lost Highways will be experienced as a collection of destinations and singular surprises, thought-provoking moments and spaces that engage the region’s immense natural beauty.

The project will consist of individual artworks placed strategically around New Mexico and presented over the course of several years, with the express goal to spark wonder and curiosity. Each project will be on view for a period of time — from one weekend to three years or more — and will activate a specific roadside, abandoned building, or scenic overlook. The installations will be encountered by chance, by choice, guided by maps and curated experiences in the area.

Currently on view:  COMING SOON

Place to Ponder // Carrizozo